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Our projects  maximize the interaction of  volunteers with local (aspiring) entrepreneurs. The volunteers will be rotating across various of our partner organizations, where they  interact with different groups of aspiring entrepreneurs. In doing so, we expose volunteers to diverse challenges and experiences.projects are not designed to solve the problems of the people from the disadvantages for them. In contrast, our projects are designed to help the people from the disadvantaged communities to learn the knowledge and skills to solve their own problems. Since job opportunities are scarce for the people from these communities we help them to create them for themselves and the people around them. Furthermore, our program is focused on continuity in such a way that we check up on our old students to provide them with new knowledge and support, and have an online platform where them can post questions and ask for help.  At the moment we are only operating in Cape Town. However, we soon expect to expand to other locations in Africa, Asia or South America.



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